Irina 伊麗愛

Irina 伊麗愛


I want to share with you all what shaped my social conscience, so let’s go back in time.

When I was a child I was exposed to the collapse of USSR and all the consequences afterward. I remember people having no jobs or money to purchase things. This included my family that survived on part-time jobs and growing our own food. I remember the industry collapse and sending soldiers to wars in Eastern Europe. I couldn't understand why we had wars instead of turning back to producing goods which would have provided people with jobs.

This was why I couldn't understand what the role of politicians was. The world seemed to be not much different from the one I read about in my history books – kings, wars over resources, poverty, slavery. I tried to test my assumption at school by mentioning in a history exam that all the governors in the world have been the same, corrupt, suggesting that the bigger country, the more widespread it’s corruption. I was implying Russia to be one of these countries because of it's vast land and richness in natural resources. The teacher gave me a low score and summoned my mom to school telling her that I suffered from a lack of patriotism and that I should have learned to appreciate my culture and love my country no matter how bad the situation was. To that my mom just smiled since she never taught me the concepts of right and wrong. I just couldn't comprehend why everyone should have been allegiant to one particular country whilst there is so much to explore in the world! I was curious just about everything and some teachers called me “little annoyer”. Later on in college, my classmates were laughing at me and said I had a globe head because I analyzed everything beyond their comprehension. In the process of learning about anthropological studies, I found out that there were so many different cultures, languages, and people. At that time I was wondering what made up all of those differences.

The first book I read with passion in my life was “The Theory of Relativity” by Albert Einstein. That was the time when my interest in science began as I watched my dad do 'magic' with the old hardware rescued from the bankrupt factory to build a radio phone, a color TV, and motherboards. I was 12 when my father (who was a self-taught maker, mechanic, software/hardware programmer, electrician, inventor, etc.) gave me “The Theory of Relativity” book. He told me “If you can understand what it is about, you on half of the way to understanding how to solve problems”.

While growing up, I gradually came to understand his words by learning to look into a problem and trying to propose a way to work on it from different angles of my background. It took me many years to comprehend things, years of self-educating and various life experiences in different fields such as language, politics, medicine, environment, science, art (acting and dancing), business, technology, and education.

Since that time, and still today, I've been learning and contributing to multidisciplinary education of how the world works, what shapes people’s values and behavior and how to develop technical and educational solutions for today’s problems the global human species is facing such as climate change, environmental degradation, poverty, etc. The educational solutions include training people to develop a scientific and multidisciplinary thought processes to enable them to solve problems in their lives, in their local or global communities. Most of my life and work experiences molded me into a science and life educator, language teacher, and consultant. The technical solutions include research and development of technologies to combat climate change consequences.

I have also worked and volunteered for a number of international and local projects such as Environmental Literacy, Resource-Based Society, climate change analytics, along with teaching the scientific method by designing and practicing an educational program of critical and creative thinking with elementary and high school students.

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Irina 伊麗愛

With the development of the space age we have an opportunity to learn how to manage our planet intelligently; free of artificial boundaries that separate people all over the world.