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Awesome video!! Blew me away with the shots and editing

‐ lifeintaiwan

Kuan-Yu Lan

Love the story telling style of the video. I learned a few things from the video even though I somewhat grew up in Fulong lol Keep up the good work!!!! Cheers

‐ Kuan-Yu Lan


Wow! This is just so beautiful! Thank you for your hard work and obviously spending a great deal of time to learn our history.

‐ 檸檬波波


thanks for sharing the stories in this high-quality way. music is incredible. love the twisted part but still ends up with a wonderful ending.

‐ chsh610610

Pinocchio Pan

I love the way how you show the delicacy bian-dangs with the culture and history of Taiwan to the audiences. Also no need to mention that how sexy you are, you are the modern version of Indiana Jones.

‐ Pinocchio Pan


Great cinematography, commentary, and content (3C’s)

‐ Death2Putin

Umberto Calvini

Allan brought me here. Love your history narrative! New subscriber from San Francisco. Would love to see you meet up with Richard:

‐ Umberto Calvini


Deeply impressed by the video! Amazing and fantastic! I'm gonna forward this to my friends. BTW, great to meet you in person tonight.

‐ 章斡夫

Mavie Bailingo

Such an amazing documentary! Very interesting knowing this place exists in Taiwan. Subscribing you!

‐ Mavie Bailingo

Sean Z

I didn't expect to see an action movie style train chase from a documentary...

‐ Sean Z

Yachuan Chou

I'm born in Taiwan and have never been told this history happened in my country. Thank you for the video to let know more about my homeland.

‐ Yachuan Chou


I like urban exploration series. Another good episode.

‐ sweater59

sophia leu

Thanks for bringing up the history. I left Taiwan 40 years ago and now live in US. I never know this part of Taiwan history before. Thanks!

‐ sophia leu

 GworX Taiwan

It's so refreshing to get a glimpse of Taiwan along the less beaten path. Great one!

‐ GworX Taiwan

Michael Gordon

Great interview. Relaxed and natural. Profound message.

‐ Michael Gordon


These vids are great. Love the story telling. Share more.

‐ TL L

Roberto S

This episode is eerily reminiscent of the X-files even down to the title. Great job.

‐ Roberto S


Perfect post-apocalyptic movie set. I especially love the carousel shots.

‐ runnersgarden


OMG! What a nice surprise! Another great exploration video and documentary.

‐ TL L

Sean Kaiteri

Another outstanding entry in your series. I will again set about sharing with some relevant WW2 groups that are scattered around FaceBook.

‐ Sean Kaiteri

 HsiehChun Lee

Although I've been living on this land over 40 years, but I know less about Taiwan history than you. I had a special lesson from your video. It's much better than my history class in highschool.

‐ HsiehChun Lee

Albert Wu

You guys are really great! Thank you for bringing us such in-depth and close-to-earth reports. I have already subscribed to your channel and look forward to watching more of your great works.

‐ Albert Wu



‐ 雪兒

Peter Whittle

Superb! Top marks for research and presentation, with bonus points for bravery.

‐ Peter Whittle

Hank Cheng

Amazing video! Thanks for telling a Taiwanese story that most of the Taiwanese don't know.

‐ Hank Cheng

Angry Beard- Guitar Covers

Great video, guys! Thanks for including my music)

‐ Angry Beard- Guitar Covers

CO.AG Music

Incredible filming and editing on this all the best with your channel

‐ CO.AG Music

Three Minutes of History

what great video ~ very professionally done! I totally enjoyed watching. TWO THUMBS UP. your use of a drone in filming was superb! The topic is both unique and interesting as well. All around great video ~ WELL DONE!

‐ Three Minutes of History

Survey Channel

Excellent video, very well done all around! Thank you again for including my tune! Looking forward to your next one.

‐ Survey Channel

Rising Sun

Fantastic video and knowledge sharing....thank you for telling us all about the history of Taiwanese bridges. My mother lived through the 1935 Taichung-Hsinchu earthquakes in Tonglou, her hometown, just a bit north of the Longteng Bridge ruins and she was 7 at the time. She lived in Tsaotun in Nantou in her youth and commuted to Changhua Girl’s High School. She lives in the States with me now. She enjoys your video, and those bridges reminded her a lot of memories in old days. She wants me to say thanks to you.

‐ Rising Sun

Rita Blunck

I had no idea this existed in Taiwan. Thanks for educating. Difficult to watch in places but excellent video.

‐ Rita Blunck

Zack Lin

Thanks for your devotions and efforts to Taiwan~I am grateful to you guys.

‐ Zack Lin

Three Minutes of History

This is a fantastic video on a part of Taiwan history! TWO THUMBS UP. I definitely subscribed!

‐ Three Minutes of History

Wes Davies

What a crazy story! Well filmed :)

‐ Wes Davies

Life in Taiwan

Really cool video... will share this one with my subscribers... they will love it

‐ Life in Taiwan

Bruce Sung

Excellent video! Thanks for sharing. Hoping to see more.

‐ Bruce Sung

 Michael Mclachlan

Love all the content you guys produce, its all very always very informative, entertaining and thought provoking. Keep up the good work guys!

‐ Michael Mclachlan

Exploring Dora

I absolutely love the soundtrack you used and how stable your footage is. All in all great work!

‐ Exploring Dora

 An OCD Production

A worthy collision of two talented souls.

‐ An OCD Production

Kelly Cheng

Nice to read articles from different points of view! And the arts are beautiful!

‐ Kelly Cheng

Dan Jacobson

Just wonderful because I read every word whenever I have a copy in my hand

‐ Dan Jacobson

A Media Life

Excellent Video. Very interesting. Learned something new today! Thanks

‐ A Media Life


Wow~ It's an amazing video. The camera movements and story telling are great ! I'm really enjoy watching it. Thanks for the good shoot and looking forward to your next video

‐ 飯桶

Baven Bushcraft

What a stunning video! Great filming, presentation and soundtrack. And, I loved his colourful t-shirt!

‐ Baven Bushcraft

Steven Kaiser

Well put together and very informative, thanks.

‐ Steven Kaiser

Julia Starchenko

These people really care. They are true

‐ Julia Starchenko

Dave Flint

It is topical, local, and created by beautiful people who care~ Dave Stanley

‐ Dave Flint

Jason Disapio

You inspire me every day

‐ Jason Disapio

Mikek Fagan

Excellent! The photography is really well thought out, particularly some of the drone shots.

‐ Mikek Fagan

Daphne Kuo

This is one of most interesting YouTube videos about Taiwan I have seen. Thank you for making it.

‐ Daphne Kuo


Your videos are so compelling!!

‐ TL L