What people are saying about GuanXi Media

Rita Blunck

I had no idea this existed in Taiwan. Thanks for educating. Difficult to watch in places but excellent video.

‐ Rita Blunck

Zack Lin

Thanks for your devotions and efforts to Taiwan~I am grateful to you guys.

‐ Zack Lin

Three Minutes of History

This is a fantastic video on a part of Taiwan history! TWO THUMBS UP. I definitely subscribed!

‐ Three Minutes of History

Wes Davies

What a crazy story! Well filmed :)

‐ Wes Davies

Life in Taiwan

Really cool video... will share this one with my subscribers... they will love it

‐ Life in Taiwan

Bruce Sung

Excellent video! Thanks for sharing. Hoping to see more.

‐ Bruce Sung

 Michael Mclachlan

Love all the content you guys produce, its all very always very informative, entertaining and thought provoking. Keep up the good work guys!

‐ Michael Mclachlan

Exploring Dora

I absolutely love the soundtrack you used and how stable your footage is. All in all great work!

‐ Exploring Dora

 An OCD Production

A worthy collision of two talented souls.

‐ An OCD Production

Kelly Cheng

Nice to read articles from different points of view! And the arts are beautiful!

‐ Kelly Cheng

Dan Jacobson

Just wonderful because I read every word whenever I have a copy in my hand

‐ Dan Jacobson

A Media Life

Excellent Video. Very interesting. Learned something new today! Thanks

‐ A Media Life


Wow~ It's an amazing video. The camera movements and story telling are great ! I'm really enjoy watching it. Thanks for the good shoot and looking forward to your next video

‐ 飯桶

Baven Bushcraft

What a stunning video! Great filming, presentation and soundtrack. And, I loved his colourful t-shirt!

‐ Baven Bushcraft

Steven Kaiser

Well put together and very informative, thanks.

‐ Steven Kaiser

Julia Starchenko

These people really care. They are true

‐ Julia Starchenko

Dave Flint

It is topical, local, and created by beautiful people who care~ Dave Stanley

‐ Dave Flint

Jason Disapio

You inspire me every day

‐ Jason Disapio

Mikek Fagan

Excellent! The photography is really well thought out, particularly some of the drone shots.

‐ Mikek Fagan

Daphne Kuo

This is one of most interesting YouTube videos about Taiwan I have seen. Thank you for making it.

‐ Daphne Kuo


Your videos are so compelling!!

‐ TL L