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Marketing is all about connections. Connecting the right message with your target audience, connecting your solution with their pain point, and connecting your business goals with the desired results.

Here at Guan Xi Media, we're pros at making connections. We'll help you define who your most lucrative target audience is, develop messaging that speaks to them directly, position your products, and make it easy for them to engage and buy. Connections are also about relationships. And our relationship with our clients and the community is both a priority and a point of pride. It's the very foundation of our philosophy and the name of our company. So, let's start making connections, and watch your business grow.

(All rates in Taiwan dollars)

1.  Contest & Voucher marketing~ These are grassroots marketing campaings with extremely high conversion rates.  They provide organic growth and build excitment around your prducts and services.  Simply, they get people in the door and give you a chance to earn their business, this is the main objective of any advertising marketing strategy.  


2. Video- We can feature your business/organization in our videos. Be part of a dynamic and growing YouTube channel, website, and social media movement, that knows how to present you the right way.  Done effectively and tastefully, your products/servies will be alluring and welcomed by consumers, rather than feeling intrusive. There are a range of options:

A) Sponsorship- Having your logo, links, images, and info included in our videos

B)  Segments- Having a featured segment in our videos

C)  Spotlight- We produce an inviting video about your business.

D)  Production- Become a film producer and join the Guan Xi Media production team to produce a mini-domcumentary. You choose the topic! Your level of involvement is up to you. From choosing the type of film to being involved in the field, music,  production and editing, special effects, interviews, etc.  Your film will be featured on our site, YouTube channel, and social media, and will last forever. 

   ~Starting at 5000NT

3. Support- Becoming part of the Guan Xi community gives you a direct line to customers in your community.  We'll provide you with leads, event opportunities, important connections, and social media support.


*We'll design a customized marketing plan for you.  Get in touch for a proposal.


Our Story

GuanXi Media, based in Taichung, Taiwan, is a bilingual magazine and media organization. Featuring articles, videos, artworks, musicians, photography, events, entrepreneurs, activism, and philanthropy, from all walks of life and genres. The magazine is designed as a means of communication - connecting a varied community with the people and events around them - as well as a bridge to the local residents - a means to expand and strengthen the relationships between the foreign and local communities.

GuanXi also presents, in conjunction with the magazine, website, and youtube channel,  an online forum via Facebook where readers can provide real time bilingual feedback to the editorial and design staff, thus enhancing the content and functionality of the publication, as well as engage and connect with other readers on any topic of interest to the community or the individual. In this way, Guan Xi Media seeks to ensure a deep level of communication with the community.  Get some.

The Guanxi Team

Michael Schram


Michael Schram

Michael is an explorer and wears many hats: teacher and student, writer and reader, entrepreneur, activist, philanthropist....A refined roughneck who often prefers the company of animals.

Kelly Cheng

Senior Translator

Kelly Cheng

Life experiencer

David Johnson

Host/Research Specialist

David Johnson

Business owner, session drummer, photographer, explorer, aviator, avid storm chaser, and anonymous contributor to several publications.

Colin Phoenix

Video Director

Colin Phoenix

Colin Phoenix, from Scotland, works tirelessly in the studio, and enjoys adventuring out in the field. He’s committed to constant improvement, experimentation, and growth, with video. He loves his dog, blazing fires at Guan Xi mountain, and dabbles with music


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