The Secret Power Plant In GuGuan, Taiwan (Urb-X Taiwan Xtra)

Sep 17, 2021 · Guanxi

We ventured into the mountains of GuGuan and discovered a hidden and abandoned power plant. Across the mountain an incredible temple was carved into the side of the cliff. We had to get our feet wet traversing a river, encountered some spooky noises, dead ends, bats and a venomous pit viper. Luckily, Steve was with us to give us a sexy pole dance!

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The exploration squad gathered at Dakeng headquarters 探險小隊於大坑總部集合
bright and early on a Sunday morning. 在一個明亮的星期天早晨
A beautiful sunny day, perfect start 美好的晴天 完美的開始
A motley fleet bound for Guguan, mount up 雜牌探險隊向谷關出發!
Destination known, but unknown 目的地已知, 一切卻也是未知.
Journey past the security guard, 探險碓通過警衛保全
clamber around the gate, 從大門旁爬過
we’ve entered the forbidden zone 我們進入了禁區
Saunter through the boulders 漫步在巨石上
and reach a river, 抵達了一條溪流
dependable, sparkling, crafty and cool. 一條清涼又閃閃發亮但滑溜溜的溪流
No bridge, we must go through it. 沒有橋樑, 我們必須下水過河.
Man down, 隊員滑倒了
the first of 3 casualties. 三名先鋒中的一個
Reconvene on the other side, good to go 在河岸的另一邊重新整隊, 繼續向前.
Keep hiking until we arrive at our destination, 繼續向前直到我們抵達目的地
a dingy tunnel, 一個骯髒的隧道
swamped with urine and feces, 到處都是動物的尿液和糞便
access denied. 隧道是死路
Second attempt up a barricade, 試試看爬上另一個邊坡
Refused 失敗
Rambled up a rocky jungly cliff, entry point. 漫步爬上旁邊樹叢的岩壁 找到入口了
We’re in, 探險隊進入了探索區
but the team is down to 6. 但只有6名隊員上來
A decrepit hydropower plant, 一個荒廢的水力發電廠
was no match for mother nature. 在大自然裡顯得格格不入
After the initial carnage of the infamous 921 earthquake, 一開始被921地震破壞
several attempts at restoration and reconstruction 接下來幾個修復與重建
were crushed by floods, typhoons and landslides 又被颱風和土石流沖毀
Delightfully derelict buildings and equipment and oddities 一些廢棄的建築物 設備和物品
Then… the vault. 接著 有著閥門的地窖
Someone went to great lengths to keep people out. 有人竭力地將人們拒之於外
An eerie humming, rattled the giant door, 古怪的嗡嗡聲 在閥門裡響著
like it wanted to release and reveal its secrets 好似它想釋放並揭開裡面的秘密
Descend the mysterious black hole, 爬下神秘的黑洞
bats stirred and filled the underground bunker 蝙蝠充斥著地下坑道
The mighty viper coils silently 強大的毒蛇默默地盤繞一旁
and allows 5 people to narrowly pass, unbeknownst, 5名探險隊員不知所以的通過狹小通道
before being spotted by the last man 第6名隊員注意到牠
“I’m out!”, and he was gone “我要出去了” 然後他就一溜煙的消失在視線內
That leaves 5, 留下5名隊員
bats behind us, a highly venomous Taiwan Habu in front of us 蝙蝠群在身後 劇毒的龜殼花在眼前
Two more attempt to pass, 2名隊員試著通過
to reach the exit, 去出口
but the unruly serpent is agitated now. 但無法預測的蛇被激怒了
Woman down, drag her out of fangs reach. 女隊員倒下 拉她脫離蛇口
Chaos and commotion 混亂與騷動
cause the snake to display his striking prowess, 讓蛇展現牠驚人的能力
now he has completely blocked the exit, 現在牠完全阻擋了出口
terror and panic engulf the last 3 members. 驚嚇與恐慌吞噬了剩下的3名隊員
At least we can see him. 至少我們看得見牠
Serpent decides his message has been received, 蛇知道牠的訊息人們已經接收到了
and cordially slithers to the edge, 緩緩地爬行到通道邊
allowing for a fast exit and unforgettable experience. 讓探險隊員快速地逃出生天 並留下一個難忘的經驗

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