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Dee Eleanor Wittstock- Artwork

Feb 23, 2021 · Dee Eleanor Wittstock

"In my work I try to depict beauty from everyday life. As an artist I believe it is important to capture the essence of how the world is constantly changing, how people perceive beauty and what simply makes us human. I am mostly attracted to capturing the human form, whether it be abstract or realistic, it is the variety and wonder of the human body that I try to maintain in all my works. Nudity is a theme that can express such a vast spectrum of the human emotion, and it is a subject that can range from classical to modern. The fact that we are a species that can depict ourselves in a form of art is fascinating on its own but the fact that we are already all forms of artwork all waiting to be captured is beyond any point of imagination."

~Dee Eleanor Wittstock~



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South African artist 南非藝術家 Danielle Wittstock Dee Eleanor Wittstock SA artist South african oil painting 南非油畫 naked painting 裸畫
Dee Eleanor Wittstock

Dee Eleanor Wittstock